Sinterma provides Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) for various applications. TIMs are used for efficient transfer of heat away from electronic components, for example computer processors, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), or solar panels.

Since excessive heat may damage the component, lower its expected life, and reduce its performance, TIMs are an essential part of society’s information technology infrastructure.

Sinterma’s SMARTIM will, due to its superior performance, also help reducing the demand for active cooling. Hence, our technology reduces the total power consumption of the application and decreases the environmental impact. In this way, Sinterma will contribute to a more environmentally friendly usage of electronics.

SMARTIM is a unique composite material and consists of a nanofibre (for instance graphene fiber) network infiltrated with a metal phase. The composite material structure results in a unique set of properties that enable one to combine the advantages of conventional types of TIM and at the same time, avoid many of their limitations.

The technology behind Sinterma’s SMARTIM material has been developed in close collaboration with potential customers in the industry and is protected by patents providing us with a market advantage.

Our products are cheaper, more reliable, and have better performance than competing materials.